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Custom Precision CNC Machining Parts CNC Milling Service Aluminum CNC Supplier

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Product NameCustom Precision CNC Machining Parts CNC Milling Service Aluminum CNC Supplier
Material1.Stainless Steel: SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS410, SS4202.Steel:C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C203.Brass:C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58), C27200CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40)4.Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc5.Iron: 1213, 12L14,12156.Aluminum/ Aluminum Alloy: Al6061, Al6063 etc7.Carbon steel: C1006,C1010,C1018,C1022,C1035K,C1045, C435#, 40CrMo, 42CrMo8.Alloy steel: SCM435,10B219.Titanium and Titanium Alloy: TAD, TA1-TA8, TB2, TC1-TC10
Surface treatmentAnodized different color,Mini polishing&brushing,Electronplating(zinc plated,nickel plated,chrome plated),Power coating&PVD coating,Laser marking&Silk screen,Printing,Welding,Harden etc.
Advantage1.) 24 hours online service & quickly quote/delivery.2.) 100% QC quality inspection before delivery, can provide quality inspection form.3.) 14+ years of experience in the CNC machining area and have a senior design team to offer perfect modification suggestions.
processCNC machining,Auto lathing/turning,Milling,Grindin, Tapping Drilling,Bending,Casting,Laser cutting
Testing EquipmentCMM;Tool microscope;multi-joint arm;Automatic height gauge;Manual height gauge;Dial gauge;Marble platform;Roughness measurement
Delivery Time10-12days
After sales ServiceIf you have any problems after receiving the product, you can provide feedback through voice call, video conference, email, etc. Our team will provide you with solutions within a week.